InSure Vision Releases SurePath 2.0

Sherman Oaks, CA - February 12, 2001 - InSure Vision Technologies is proud to announce the release of SurePath 2.0 today.  SurePath 2.0 is the flagship of the SurePath Network, a web-based bond processing service for agencies, their clients, underwriters and obligees.

SurePath 2.0 includes several improvements over SurePath 1.4.  First, it is entirely web-based.  This makes installation a much simpler process.  (SureForm, the SurePath Network's form engine, requires a simple download and installation.)  It also allows for a more efficient delivery of future upgrades, as well as performance improvements throughout the system and increased communication between agencies, carriers, clients, and obligees.

The look and feel of SurePath 2.0 has been completely redesigned, with a focus on efficient navigation and fast bond processing.  Most important features can be accessed via a series of Navigation buttons that are always available:  the Bond Form Library is fully searchable and accessible at any time; client selection can be accomplished by a quick menu; Bond Lists and Reports are always available; Execution is never more than a button away.  Client set-up and Rate set-up has never been easier and is accomplished via a few very easy to follow web pages.

Significant changes were also made that make execution more flexible.  Carrier information and rates can be saved and shared amongst several clients.  Carriers, rates, bond numbers, limits, and inclusions can be changed at execution.  Those changes can be incorporated into the default settings for the client, or just used for that bond.  Bonds can also be executed without bond forms, with processing rules defined later.

Additionally, SurePath 2.0 features improved notification of events, an expanded To Do list, better handling for Powers of Attorney, improved co-surety support, and on-line Help.

"SurePath 2.0 is the culmination of a lot of hard work," explains Pam Stocks, President of IVT.  "We began almost as soon as we had released SurePath 1.1, listening to our customers and compiling new features.  We believe we've created a superior product that really meets the needs of our customers."  Pam also noted that future enhancements are also being worked on for release next quarter.  "But, since we've switched to a completely web-based implementation, upgrades will be delivered seamlessly and free."

InSure Vision Technologies, LLC is the developer of the SurePath Network, a single entry, multi-use automated surety bond processing system which operates over the Internet.  IVT has extensive experience in the surety industry, insurance corporate finance and the development of insurance related systems.

Access to the SurePath Network and SurePath 2.0 can be obtained from InSure Vision Technologies by calling them at (818) 781-8733 or emailing them at  InSure Vision is on the web at

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